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China telecom smtp server

Posted by Albane (3393 days ago)

I use the China Telecom dsl provider, I don't have any problems with webmail BUT I can't send any emails with my business mailbox (using eudora).
Pop3 works fine: I can retrieve emails without any problem, but I can't send any. If I use my company's SMTP server, I get some "relaying denied IP name lookup failed".

I read some documentation about this problem, and it seems that the china telecom isp doesn't provide any SMTP server.

I found half of a solution, setting up my own SMTP server (using Argosoft mail server freeware). I found the DNS server on the net (, it works sometime, but most of the time I get some DNS timeout, and when it works, the mail I send will be rejected by the spam killers of my contacts.

Any one 's got a better solution or a valid smtp server?

#1 Posted by StMichael (3393 days ago)

Why must you use SMTP? My POP3 server in the US works fine - but China does have a habit of blocking for no known reason. Happened to my hosting server in the US (they were kind enough to migrate me to another server). Try changing servers, maybe it'll help?

Michael Chan

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